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At the Awning Company, we offer an array of awnings design options including backlit awnings, retractable awnings, sunshade canopies, privacy curtains, and also cleaning services 


Every awning we make is constructed of extruded heavy gauge aluminum and TIG welded for the cleanest and strongest welds possible. We offer many different awning styles as well, including new traditional, dome, convex, concave, and many more.   

Sunshade Canopies

Sunshades canopies are a great solution for break areas, playgrounds, and any other sunny areas that need a free standing structure solution. These canopies can be made in all different shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs. They are very elegant structures that offer a fresh, modern look to any building.   

Backlit Awnings 

Backlit awnings offer a truly eye catching experience. With this option we install high-output lighting systems within the awning which is covered with industry leading translucent material. This enables the awning to light up at night making your business standout above the rest.

Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains are great for both shade and privacy in high traffic areas such as restaurants. Every curtain is custom made to your liking including color, size, material, and more. These offer a truly great option for those who are looking to customize a space.

Retractiable Awnings 

Retractable awnings are a great option for both your home and business. They offer the perfect balance of shade, versatility, and style all in one package. All of our retractable awnings can be outfitted with electric motors and wireless controls that lets you with ease control your outdoor space.

Cleaning Service 

Our cleaning services help to insure your awnings stays looking fresh and clean year after year. We hand scrub every awning with our proprietary cleaning solution that helps to remove dirt, mold, mildew, pollution, and other debris that build up on your awnings.      

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